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“Coming together is a beginning; Keeping together is

progress; Working together is success”




M/s. Arzah Pharmaceuticals is spearhead with an objective of maintaining a people friendly work ethic whilst developing and nurturing professionalism through talent and skills.

To create a professional working group to provide high quality pharmaceuticals at affordable price levels through ethical channels and methodologies and thereby foster the cause of Medicine and Mankind in Respective countries.


M/s. Arzah Pharmaceuticals is well known company for export of Quality Medicines to number of Countries including CIS.

M/s. Arzah Pharmaceuticals Exports and Distributes leading Local & Multinational Pharmaceuticals Quality Products Manufactured in Pakistan.

M/s. Arzah Pharmaceuticals do not compromise on Quality, we endeavour to create the best value for our customers by identifying products that are manufactured conforming to standards of the WHO (World Health Organization stipulated Good Manufacturing Practices “cGMP”) and the USFDA( Standard conforming to the United States Federal Drug Authority).



M/s. Arzah Pharmaceuticals mission is clear to establish export of leading Manufacturing Companies Products to respective countries after necessary Registration with Ministry of Health.

We have a professional team to provide the guidelines of Company Registration & Product Registration in developing countries including ASEAN & AFRICAN Countries.

We provide also all the necessary market survey for the selection of products, import Prices (CIF / FOB) Annual Sales forecast etc. with the help of the importers & provide Marketing set up with the consultation of Importers & Manufacturer in Pakistan.

The philosophy of International operations is to create loyalty for our Manufacturer’s branded generic molecules with the most modern and scientific approach of marketing in exporting countries.

We also attract buyers / importers for Contract Manufacturing with local Pharmaceuticals Companies.

We have very strong International Connections with the respective Health Ministries including Afghanistan Pharmacy Registration Board, Sri Lanka CDDA, Vietnam VMOH, Philippines BFAD, Kenya PPB, Nigeria NAFDAC, Uganda NDA, Sudan MOH, Myanmar FDA Registration & Central Asian Republics MOH etc.& Leading Distributors / Importers in all above mentioned countries.


The Exports and Logistics Division has constantly attracted the attention of the Companies as two key areas of its operation. Logistics, headed by an experienced Senior Manager who looks after the total procurement & supply cycle for export orders and the timely clearance of Cargo upon delivery at the Karachi Sea and Air Ports and the storage at a modern Complex located in a suburb of Karachi with a Capacity Exceeding 100,000cubic feet.

The entire process of storage is looked after by a team of highly experienced managers who constantly liaise with all the global partners and local regulatory bodies to clear consignments on time.

The stores Complex conforms to the best standards of its kind in the country, maintaining optimum conditions stipulated by the Drug Regulatory Authority , which is the Regulatory body for Pharmaceuticals Imports & Exports in Pakistan.



M/s. Arzah Pharmaceuticals have a very strong Area of Information & Communication which is a back bone of every Company. Like wise Arzah Pharmaceuticals also remains mindful of the role of information and communicating Technology in outside & inside the country and keeps a constant vigil of the latest developments in global ministry of health directly or through importers in order to improve the levels of productivity.

The entire network of Distributors / Importers are interlined through a unique Software System, designed to meet needs of the Company and to obtain timely Registration Status to better understand the market dynamics at the point of Exporting countries.

“Trust—the glue that binds followers and leaders together.”


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