Current Activities


Chemical & Fertilizers


We are sourcing and marketing chemicals to and from many countries of the world as well as participating in international tenders for supply of fertilizers such as Urea, DAP, SOP, NPK, NP, etc to the complete satisfaction of our customers.


Activities in Railway Supplies:

Rolling Stock of Railway Diesel & Electric Locomotives Railway Passenger Coaches Freight Wagons Rail Tracks Railway Tracks Tamping Level and Allied Machines Railway Track Accessories


Activities in Power Generation Supplies:

Spares for Power Plant Equipment for Electric Distribution Supply, Installation, repairing and undertaking turnkey Thermal, Hydal, Wind Power and Nuclear Power Plants


Activities in Defense Supplies:

New & Used Helicopters Spares of Helicopters Spares for Special Projects Uniform

Bullet Proof Jackets, Helmet, Ammunition for Gun, Tanks Vehicles Pilot Boats



Registration with Government organizations

We are registered with nearly all the government and semi- government departments in Pakistan for supply of various industrial tools, spares equipment, consumer goods and projects.


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